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Ayia Napa: The Golden Mean of Cyprus Real Estate
Demand for housing in Cyprus in recent years has been consistently high among foreigners - this large southern island leaves few indifferent, and buying a property in Ayia Napa is…

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Real estate for rent in Canada
In 2006, in the 28 largest regions of Canada, the average rental price of a two-bedroom apartment increased by 3.2%. This list was headed by the provinces of Alberta (with…

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Features of obtaining a residence permit in Italy
Italy is one of the most popular countries in the world for the acquisition of real estate, where almost any region is in demand not only among local buyers, but…

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Calabria Real Estate: Affordable Housing in Authentic Italy

The poet Gabriele d’Annunzio once called the promenade in the city of Reggio Calabria “the most beautiful kilometer of Italy” – and this phrase is largely relevant today, especially since local real estate here is one of the most affordable in the country.
The region is located in the southernmost part of the Apennine peninsula in the area of ​​the “toe of the Italian boot”. Due to this arrangement, Calabria is washed by several seas: from the west – by the Tyrrhenian, from the east – by the Ionian, from the north-east – by the Gulf of Taranto, and from the south-west it is separated from the Sicily by the Strait of Messina. Such a geographical location makes it easy to get to not only any part of Italy, but also to other strange countries, I actively use not only air and Continue reading

The process of buying property in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates today is a country where investments from all over the world flock, and most often foreigners invest their money in local real estate, which is represented in the UAE in a wide variety. Consider the whole process of buying square meters in this country.
When making a choice in the UAE, it is important for yourself to decide on the purpose of buying real estate – for personal use or doing business. Based on this, it will be clear where exactly it has to choose. Dubai is the main center for the concentration of the commercial and residential real estate market in the UAE, but there are several more emirates that are opting for – Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Ajman and Abu Dhabi. Moreover, the purchase procedure is approximately the same in all the UAE.

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California Real Estate Market: Where and What to Buy

The notorious “American dream” has not disappeared from the minds of many Russians: as in the 90s, many still continue to dream about moving to a distant country, however, the present time is strikingly different from the last decade of the 20th century, when practicality in to everyone. California is just such a US state that fits this definition in the context of home buying.
Today, the California real estate market is one of the three US states where foreigners most often buy real estate, second only to Florida and New York. Favorable climatic conditions in this case are the main factor, followed by various types of industries, which California combines in combination with a stable and high standard of living. Experts even claim that if California were a separate country, then its economy could take 6th place in the world. The population of the state is increasing every year, here Continue reading

Duplexes: key features of the current type of real estate

A few years ago, on the real estate market, townhouses were especially popular, today duplexes are more often found among offers – there are often cases when there is confusion in the meaning of these two types of housing. Let’s try to understand the characteristic features of duplexes.
Today, duplexes are often called completely different objects, but, as a rule, duplexes are apartments located on two floors. Most often they are found on the upper floors of buildings, but sometimes the second floor can also be access to the roof or terrace. Often a detached two-story building is also called a duplex, although in fact it is more of a town house than a duplex. However, it is precisely such objects that are most often meant by the word “duplex”, for example, in Spain. Continue reading

Turkey Real Estate: Chronicle of Recent Years

Turkey today is in the top 3 countries where Russian buyers are acquiring residential real estate on a massive scale – after a short lull, the local housing market is again actively in demand among foreigners.
It’s no secret that the heyday of home sales in Turkey fell on a fairly long period of 2005-2013. This was a time when not only in Turkey and in Russia (Russian buyers, both then and today, more often than others invest their funds in local square meters), but throughout the world there was a stable economic situation. It was during these years that Russians began to show great interest in Turkish real estate by the sea. A considerable number of buyers could afford a small high-quality 2-bedroom apartment.

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