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Danube Real Estate: City Overview

Housing near the water is in demand in almost any country – whether it is square meters near the sea or river embankments – in each option there will always be a large number of people wishing to settle somewhere nearby. The Danube today has become one of the most interesting rivers in terms of acquiring real estate on its banks.
The Danube is the most “international” river in Europe, inferior only to the Volga, which, by its geographical location, is completely Russian property. It is not surprising that most European cruises on the water surface of Europe pass along this river, which has a length of about 2860 km. The Danube flows through Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine and Moldova, passing through European capitals such as Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Belgrade.

Buy real estate in Germany

The Danube takes its source in the German Black Forest mountains near the walls of the castle near the city of Donaueschingen. 120 km northwest of Munich on the Danube is the hometown of Albert Einstein, the city of Ulm, which today is a major economic center thanks to the representations of many international companies that are located on its territory. The city is also attractive from the point of view of youth (University of Ulm) and tourism – this is where the Ulm Cathedral, recognized as the highest in the world, is located.

Buy real estate in Ulm

In Ulm near the Danube for 14.7 million euros you can buy a residential building with commercial premises. The property has an area of ​​4,800 sq.m, the building was built between 1910-1935. on a plot of 3900 sq.m. Recently, the house was completely renovated – commercial premises are used as hotel rooms. The lease for commercial premises is concluded for a period of 10 years with the possibility of extending the lease for another 10 years. At the same time, the tenant undertakes, at the end of the lease term, to carry out restoration of the house at his own expense and bring the property in excellent condition.

In Austria, the most picturesque Danube embankment is located in Vienna. It was here that the famous waltz of Johann Strauss was created “On the Beautiful Blue Danube”, which became the unofficial anthem of Austria. In Vienna, almost everything is connected with the Danube and the name of the river is present everywhere – the Old Danube or the Danube floodplain, the Danube Canal and the Danube Island, and many promenades and beaches. Most residents spend their free time in this part of the city.

Buy real estate in Vienna

Vienna real estate, which is recognized as the most comfortable world capital for living, is widely represented by objects near the Danube embankment. For 343,000 euros you can buy an apartment of 80 square meters with a terrace in the center of 21 districts, which is buried in a large green area. The residential building is made in a modern style and has all the relevant technical characteristics. In the immediate vicinity of the house, you can swim in the pool or use the private pier and rent a pedalo.

Although Bratislava is in the shadow of the more famous European capitals, it has no less excellent characteristics: the city is located in the foothills of the Small Carps near the borders with Austria and Hungary, surrounded by vineyards. The Old Town is a pedestrian zone, and the routes adjacent to Bratislava attract lovers of cycling and hiking routes from around the world. In addition to environmental indicators, the city has good universities – both medical, economic and technical, so that in Bratislava at any time of the year you can meet many young people on the streets.

Buy real estate in Slovakia

In the Slovak capital, you can buy relatively inexpensive real estate in the immediate vicinity of the Danube – an apartment in a new two-bedroom building with an area of ​​65 sq.m will cost 142,000 euros. At the same time, the living space is completely ready for living – all repair and design concerns will be fully completed in the near future.

Budapest is the most “ceremonial” city in Europe, than the historical center is located clearly on the Danube embankment. Together with the rich Austro-Hungarian imperial architecture, the local banks of the great river are breaking all records for their specific characteristics. Perhaps due to this, in Hungary there is a large gap between the cost of capital housing and regional housing – real estate in Budapest continues to rise in price, while in local villages there is a regular decrease in prices.

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