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Unusual property. Houses on water and under water

From ancient times, water attracted people. After all, this is not just a source of life, but part of our daily routine. We cannot do without her even a day! Among people there are many admirers and lovers of the aquatic environment. Especially dreamers to live near her, and possibly on her!

House on the water …
After all, it is no secret to anyone that living on water is possible and this is quite real. Take at least the same Venice, China or Thailand. In China, due to lack of land, people are forced not only to live in boat houses, but also to grow plants in them and store things! In Europe, there are also settlements from boat houses (“houseboats”). They were first built in Britain in the 18th century to transport various raw materials. Today, about 15 thousand people live on water in Britain. Such settlements on the water are in Germany. They are even equipped with their own church. Houseboats are also very popular in the Netherlands. Here, houseboats are considered a tourist attraction. You can also see these unusual houses off the coast of the canals of Amsterdam. But initially, houseboats were built due to the fact that people simply did not have enough housing on land, especially after the Second World War.

The first surface houses were very small, so they were uncomfortable. Over time, interest in these houses increased. Today, such houses are considered fashionable. But this pleasure is far from for everyone, since the cost of this housing is very high. In Amsterdam, such a novelty costs € 500,000, and this is in addition to the annual cost of maintaining such an extraordinary mansion. Among other things, repair robots will have to be paid annually in order to eliminate iron corrosion and pay a water tax, which is another 1000 €.

To acquire such a houseboat, huge investments must be made. So, you can take out a mortgage loan only in one of the Dutch banks. To moor a house-boat, you must purchase a registered license. It should also be noted that when selling a houseboat, authorities may refuse to transfer it to the next owner.
Unusual property. Houses on water and under water

A prerequisite for placing a house-boat is the following conditions:

the distance between 2 houseboats should be at least 2 m, and to the bridge at least 7 m;
house-boats should organically fit into the environment, thereby not spoiling the appearance of the city;
the height of such a house should not be more than 7.5 m, and the living space itself should not be immersed in water more than 1.5 m.
Today, engineers are building a new generation of houseboats. The houses are made of aluminum and light wood. All this is done for practical purposes. The state is interested in such buildings, primarily because of the lack of housing on land. It pays the costs of such projects and plans to build huge cities and towns of these types.

But sometimes the construction of houseboats is embodied not only from the practical needs of the people and the country. Take, for example, the residential ship The World, a ship-house on the water, which was opened in 2002 in Norway. This modern super-ship has all the conditions for living. This is a ship with 110 apartments and many services for everyday life. On board there is a tennis court, sauna, spa, library, as well as 4 restaurants with different cuisines. In addition, the ship has a conservatory, as well as a cinema and an Internet cafe. The services of a yoga teacher, photo art teacher, music teacher and dance teacher are also provided. The pride of the ship is a golf club. Living in such a liner is a very expensive pleasure. So, the owner of the apartment pays $ 100,000-340,000 per year for accommodation and services. Naturally, only rich people are among the inhabitants, but information about the residents is confidential and classified. Rumor has it that among the owners of apartments there are such celebrities as Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Unusual property. Houses on water and under water
… and under water
Also, one of the amazing modern buildings can be considered houses under water. One of the first such housing was constructed in the Soviet Union in 1966. This house was called “Ichthyander”, it was built by members of the Scorpena group. The first immersion in this room took place in August on the Crimean coast, near the Tarhankut peninsula. The experiment was successful and already the following year, 12 people went to live at a depth of 11 meters! On the territory of Ihtiandra there were 1 kitchen, 1 bedroom, a bathroom, 1 laboratory and 1 medical unit.

In Sweden, there is the underwater hotel Utter Inn. The small house is located on a platform that floats on the lake, at a distance of 1 km from the coast. The door of this house opens a room, and it is located at a depth of 3 meters and in it are beds with different bedside tables.

In the Maldives, the Conrad Hotels chain has built an underwater restaurant for honeymooners. In this room, the ceilings and walls are transparent, so there is a great opportunity to watch the underwater world of the Indian Ocean.
Unusual property. Houses on water and under water

Underwater tunnels are also popular. In 2008, a hotel was opened in Dubai on one of the islands.

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