California Real Estate Market: Where and What to Buy
The notorious “American dream” has not disappeared from the minds of many Russians: as in the 90s, many still continue to dream about moving to a distant country, however, the…

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Slovakia: features of the local real estate market
Acquisition of housing in Slovakia was not so long ago rare for Russians, but in recent years, more and more Russian-speaking buyers have opted for square meters of this country.…

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Housing in Ulcinj: original Montenegro
traditionally, when buying property in Montenegro, the Budva Riviera, Tivat, Herceg Novi, Boko-Kotor Bay and the surroundings of Bar are considered - it is obvious that Ulcinj is almost not…

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But sometimes

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Turkey Real Estate: Chronicle of Recent Years

Turkey today is in the top 3 countries where Russian buyers are acquiring residential real estate on a massive scale – after a short lull, the local housing market is again actively in demand among foreigners.
It’s no secret that the heyday of home sales in Turkey fell on a fairly long period of 2005-2013. This was a time when not only in Turkey and in Russia (Russian buyers, both then and today, more often than others invest their funds in local square meters), but throughout the world there was a stable economic situation. It was during these years that Russians began to show great interest in Turkish real estate by the sea. A considerable number of buyers could afford a small high-quality 2-bedroom apartment.

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Real Estate Taxes in Austria: Buying, Selling, and Owning

For ten years in a row Vienna has been ranked first in the world ranking of the most comfortable cities for living, as a result of which the acquisition of housing by foreigners both in the Austrian capital and throughout the country is one of today’s trends. Along with the classic questions about the principles of buying local real estate, many want to know about the taxes in Austria that any homeowner will have to face.
One-time expenses
When buying real estate, the buyer primarily pays a tax on transfer of ownership in the amount of 3.5% of the cadastral value and 1.1% for registration in the cadastre. In addition, you will have to pay a lawyer Continue reading

Thessaloniki Real Estate: Local Market Trends

Today, the real estate market, both in Thessaloniki and throughout Greece, is actively gaining momentum: the current situation is radically different from that which was only a few years ago at the height of the economic crisis.
Thessaloniki is the capital of the Greek region of Macedonia, the center of production and economy of Greece. The city is also famous for its large seaport and the University of Aristotle, which is the largest higher educational institution in the Balkans.

Buy real estate in Thessaloniki

Unlike the tourist destinations in Thessaloniki, life does not stop even outside the summer season: Continue reading

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Real estate for rent in Canada
In 2006, in the 28 largest regions of Canada, the average rental price of a two-bedroom apartment increased by 3.2%. This list was headed by the provinces of Alberta (with…


Byala: a quiet haven on the Bulgarian property market
The extremely popular Bulgaria still has resorts where there is no large concentration of tourists and you can live comfortably all year round without spending much on buying local housing…


Spain Real Estate Market
One of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe is Spain, where a small villa is not a luxury, but a way of life. The coast here is divided into…


Montenegrin citizenship for investment: pro & contra
The whole past year, news came from Montenegro that a new program was planned to be launched in the country to grant citizenship to foreigners in exchange for investment -…